Beauty is Everywhere – The Magic of Angles and Framing

Almost every day I find some image taken by another photographer in another state and I wish we had that same sea of flowers or lonely wild meadow here in Wilmington, too. And then I realized that we do have such locations, only they are not immediately recognizable as ideal shooting spots. Driving along Carolina Beach Road, with its 2-lanes in each direction one of the busiest roads in town, I spotted several beautiful areas and vowed to find someone willing to help me with a little experiment: Making images look like they were shot in the middle of untouched nature while in reality we never leave Carolina Beach Road. Luckily, I am in Wilmington, where a lot of artists are always more than willing to do just about anything, and had the pleasure of working with Morgan. Here are the results:


I love how these images turned out! It very much looks like we were far away from civilization, while in fact there were cars driving by just a few feet away from us.

Carolina Beach Road 1

For the next few shots, we stepped it up a bit. Instead of shooting by the side of the road, we were literally standing right in the middle of it. You wouldn't guess from the resulting images, though, would you?


Here's what it looked like around us:

Carolina Beach Road 2

A little further down the road, we spotted a small corner full of yellow flowers - someone's front yard, but right by the sidewalk. I'm pretty sure we did not trespass for these shots:


And here's a picture of the location again:

Carolina Beach Road 3

And here are a couple more pictures we took along the way. Yes, the left one is Greenfield Lake and therefore technically not exactly on Carolina Beach Road, but it needed to be shared anyway.


 Hope you enjoyed this post and session and I will make an effort to keep this blog updated from now on!

  1. Michelle
    June 5, 2013 -

    OMG this is absolutely Amazing. Do you offer tutorials or online editing classes? I just have to know how you could edit with such perfection to create these images :)

    • Christina
      June 9, 2013 -

      Michelle, Thank you very much! I don't know about perfection, but I'll take it. ;) I don't have any tutorials or editing classes, but I'd share what I know 1:1 if you are interested. Maybe a skype chat or something. You can contact me through the contact tab any time!

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