Hello, I'm Christina Chivers.


I am a German citizen with a Greencard who moved to the Charlotte area from Wilmington, NC. I used to do custom portrait photography for families, couples, pets, and individuals, but my focus has shifted to another business venture. I still do photography for small businesses (including my own) in and around Charlotte, NC. I also enjoy creating art and greeting cards for myself and others. A handful of family sessions per year are available upon request.

As far as my credentials go, I have a degree in film from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with an emphasis on photography and lighting as well as several years of family and business photography under my belt. 

My style tends to be clean and colorful. Clients who have experienced a session with me will know that there is always “just one more picture” that I need to take and I will climb on any tree or lie flat on any ground to get it.